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中国人民大学学报 2017, Vol. 31 Issue (5) :21-26    DOI:
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Constructing Chinese Philosophical Discourse System and School
ZHANG Li-wen
School of Philosophy, Renmin University of China, Beijing 100872
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摘要 中国作为文明古国,有辉煌的话语走出去的历史,曾形成汉语文化圈,甚至影响到欧洲。中国人的禀赋是善于智能创造,在世界文明古国中永继不断,独占鳌头。然近代以来,中国落后挨打,丧失了话语权,一切以西方标准为真理,在“打孔家店”的冲动下,与传统文化彻底决裂,照着西方哲学之谓哲学讲,不能自己讲民族的哲学思想。今天,我们应该自定界说,自立标准,建构具有中华特色、风格、气魄、神韵的学科体系、学术体系、话语体系;根据中国哲学思想实际,自下定义,度越西方哲学定义,发己之声,言己之事,以拥有自己哲学思想的话语权。中华民族哲学思想在与世界各民族哲学思想话语体系融突和合的大视域里,在人文价值的时态、空态纵横碰撞、互动互补中,互相尊重、借鉴,必定能开出新生面、新体系、新话语。
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关键词哲学思想    话语体系    中国学派    融突和合     
Abstract: China,as an ancient civilization, the Chinese nation has a brilliant history of “going out”, forming a Chinese culture circle, or known asthe Confucian cultural circle, that even has impacts on Europe.  Chinese people have talents in wisdom and intelligence creating, which tops the ancient world civilizations in itslong-lasting history. However, since modern times, China has been beaten and lost its voice in the world when Chinese people overthrew Confucius, broke with our own traditional culture, and accepted Western values as all. Consequently we talked about philosophy in Western philosophical language, without Chinese peoples own philosophy thoughts. Today,we need to construct a discipline system, academic system and discourse system with Chinese characteristics, style, and spirit. Only by defining Chinese philosophyaccording to the reality of Chinese philosophical thoughts can we transcend the definition of Western philosophyand thereby have the right to discuss our own issues in line with Chinas philosophical thinking.In the world philosophy stage, we should tell our own Chinese philosophy story, respect the others and enlighten one another. Under the broad context that the discourse system of Chinese philosophy and that of other nationalities in the world are conflicting yet blending in harmony and cooperation, the humanistic values of different cultures are complementary in terms of the time and spatial aspectsamidst collision, interaction, mutual respect and learning from each another, and will yield new areas, new systems, new discourse.
Keywordsphilosophical thoughts ,   discourse system ,   Chinese School ,   harmony and cooperation melting the conflicts     
作者简介: 张立文:中国人民大学哲学院教授,博士生导师,中国人民大学孔子研究院院长,国学研究院院长(北京 100872)
张立文 .建构中国哲学思想话语体系和学派[J]  中国人民大学学报, 2017,V31(5): 21-26
ZHANG Li-wen .Constructing Chinese Philosophical Discourse System and School[J]  Journal of Renmin University of China, 2017,V31(5): 21-26
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